Dé Céadaoin 27 Bealtaine 2009

Dé hAoine 20 Feabhra 2009

Our trip to Ukraine started on the 13th of January. Our appointment was on the Thursday the 15th. We met with Dr. Yuri to discuss medical conditions of orphans. We found the information very helpful.

We prayed a lot we would receive a referral for our children during the 1st appointment with the SDA. We were shown 3 files. We asked for 3 children ages 3 - 9 years. We recently updated our home study to extend the upper age limit from 5 to 9 years. The 3 boys were the first file they showed us. The other two files had children out of our age range.

The boys had been in the orphanage for two years, from the Ivano Frankish region, a ski resort area. The orphanage was very well run.

After securing paperwork on Friday from the SDA we travelled to the region by overnight train Sunday evening. Kiev was snowy and icy, we enjoyed the weekend in Kiev, celebrating Mitch's birthday.

We met with the orphanage director and her staff to discuss the children Monday morning and met the children in the afternoon. The twin boys are identical, I finally discovered a freckle on Micheal to finally differentiate him from Thomas. The 6 year old David was ready for a family, the twins were initially a bit shy, but finally came around. By thursday the orphanage director gave her permission and the children all agreed they wanted to be adopted. After the children gave their permission to be adopted they ran over to us and sat on our laps, it was a precious moment.

Tanya, our facilitator was off to Kiev on Saturday. We had a few delays with some paperwork needed from our region before the SDA could process our paperwork. Further delays occurred with the SDA when they were out of power for 2 days.

We spent the next week on our own visiting the children. We celebrated the twins birthday on the 1st of the month.

When we first arrived at the orphanage we met another couple also adopting 3 boys from the same orphanage.

Our flight back home ended up being cancelled due to snowy weather in Dublin. It worked out to our advantage, because our court date wasn't until the day after on the 4th of Feb. We were able to change our booking at no extra cost.

The husband of the Indiana couple arrived back on the 2nd to finish their adoption. It was great to see him and share stories. We realised then, that only Mitch should return to finish the second half of the adoption, and Susanne stay in Dublin.

Finally, court date arrived. The judge was very thorough, but all was good in the end. Adoption is an amazing journey. Arriving at the orphanage meeting 3 children, who initially are complete strangers to you and they to you. But after the court decree, something clicks inside and you know their your children. I had a message from God when I saw the file, these children were the ones.

We found we spent a lot of time reading spiritual books or watching God TV on satellite. When we were not visiting the children or doing paperwork, the tendency is to worry. We bought with us our bible and several spiritual books to help the process along. We also made a prayer envelope for all our prayers.

There is a lovely monastery up on the mountain with running holy water. It was beautiful. There is a shop as well to buy spiritual items, which we did for the boys.

Dé Domhnaigh 15 Feabhra 2009

Thanks be to God, we are adopting three wonderful boys from Western Ukraine. Two identical twin boys who turned 8 the 1st of Feburary and a 6 year old boy. We are currently back in Ireland for our 10 day wait. Mitch will return to Ukraine tomorrow for the second half of the trip. God is good. We will update more details soon.

Dé Céadaoin 31 Nollaig 2008

We are praying to adopt 2-3 siblings ages 3 - 9 years old from Ukraine. Our flight is booked, as we finish up all the last minute details in preparing the house, and a few last minute documents to complete. We're excited our date to travel is almost here.

Déardaoin 20 Samhain 2008

After finally securing one last document the SDA finally accepted our dossier on 27 October 2008. We are happy to say we received word on 18 Nov. that we have an appointment with the SDA in Kyev on 15 January 2008! Thanks be to God!

Dé Domhnaigh 3 Lúnasa 2008

Our Quest for Ukrainian Children

Our submission date to the SDA is 1 September. Thanks be to God.
Thank you all who support us.
Go raibh míle maith agaibh.